Commission Information

To commission artwork from me, please contatct me at to arrange details.

* Prices are subject to change as necessary, though existing commission contracts will not be altered to match. *

Drawing Commissions

My primary art form is drawing. I accept commissions for pictures as simple as a single chibi drawing or as complex as a fully-colored digital piece.

Chibi prices are for 5.5" x 8.5" paper. All other prices are for 8.5" x 11" paper. Alternate size papers will affect final price.


B&W (pencils, charcoals, or ink, little to no shading):

Color (colored pencils):

Color (digital coloring):

*Prices do not include shipping and handling. All flat art is shipped in stiff photo mailers.

Fan Commissions

I also paint folding fans that are suitable for display or for keeping cool. Fans are painted in watercolors, and may include a tassel to hang from the handle of the fan. Fans come with either natural bamboo-colored wood or cocoa-colored stained wood.

Folding Fan Prices:

*Prices do not include shipping and handling. All fans are shipped carefully packaged into a suitable box.


I do not draw erotic or homosexual art. I don't do nudity either, except in very rare circumstances (subject to discussion). I'm not that great at technology, such as mecha, cars, guns, etc., but am open to trying them. For anything else, I'm open to ideas and my willingness to do them will be on a case-by-case basis.

I retain all reproduction rights to commissioned works. You may not reprint commissioned work without these rights. I will consider selling reproduction rights for an additional fee. I will not reproduce commissions as prints without your consent, especially if the commission is of an original character. Unless you specify otherwise, I will display a copy of the finished commission in my gallery and portfolio for others to see.