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Saturday, October 30, 2004, 5:31 pm MST
Yay, scenery! ::ducks pies::'ve you guys been, since.... ::looks at last page:: March!?!? ::melts:: Gomen nasai, minna-san! (Very very sorry, folks!) April through now has been crazy. Jason proposed to me in April, I started a new job in May, went home in June, went to AX in July and then was looking for work, got married and went on a honeymoon in August, had to get settled into a new house and start a new job in September, and have been working very much busily this month to get you guys pages again. ::ducks more pies and rotten fruit:: Sorry! Look! Page! ::runs::
So I'm going to go with a Mondays update schedule, and use the preceeding week to actually do the page, I swear. I've got two more pages drawn already, so hopefully that'll help me keep on schedule. ::crosses fingers:: If ever a manga page is late, I promise you can find out why by checking My LiveJournal and looking for any Shadowscapes-relevant posts (Shadow's on the usual avatar).
So in today's page, we're back to Caerd and Kristoff, for this page at least. The next page will see the groups starting to arrive in Sun Haven (the capitol city). For now, there's a bit of wrap-up dialogue with Caerd and Kristoff to show they're still okay. The message from the king is deliberately in that font so that Caerd's thumb being in the way wouldn't cause issues with reading the note. It's basically a summons for the boys. And I put in a bit of extra shading effort on Caerd on the bottom, since he's a focal picture.
Yay for shading and scenery (and being back)!

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