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Thursday, February 27, 2003, 10:46 am MST
Gomen for the lateness of this page. ::bows deeply:: Hope it's to your liking. I'll get two up next week (since next week looks to be a bit easier academically). If you see my dance teacher, thank him for postponing our test. I could actually spend this evening toning this page instead of practicing Country-Western polka steps. Oh. ::bounces:: I've got a job interview tomorrow! Wish me luck!
So...the first main antagonist of the series appears. He's a wargh-youkai, and that wolf-like thing that attacked the Cloaked One is a wargh (a sort of demonic wolf creature). Which makes the youkai there a demon-wolf-demon. ^_^;;;
Yay for swishy cloaks and evil pigtailed demon bishonen with large weapons.

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