Despite the fact that Anki-chan and I each have our individual sections of, which includes our own link-out pages, a decent portion of this site is shared and thus deserves its own set of links. This includes affiliates and banner exchanges.

Link to Us

These banners are provided for linking to us. More will come as they are made. is link-free: you don't need to ask us to link to us. Do not directly link to these. Right-click on them and select "save as" to save them to your computer, then upload them to your own server. this saves us bandwidth.

Links Out

We currently don't have any links out. Keep watching for new additions.

Affliates/Banner Exchanges

No affiliates and exchanges yet.

Affiliate With Us

The following form is provided for applying to affiliate with us. It may seem a bit harsh, but it is to help us ensure that the sites we add to our affiliates are related to our site, and are in a decent state of completion or usability. You can see the following questions as a sort of guideline for you to build your own site to a standard that we would affiliate with. Be aware, we do also review your site ourselves, and we are the final judges as to whether or not we will link it as an affiliate. We will try not to sound harsh in any judgements of your site that we make, but if we say you need something to affiliate with us, that means you should add that something before trying again.

To complete and send an affiliation application to us, simply copy the following form into an email message, complete it, and send it to:
type this address into your email program to email us
You'll need to type the address into the "to:" line of your email yourself. We do this to keep bots from spamming our inboxes.

Please fill out this form as completely as possible, and send to the above address. At no time will the information provided here be made public. As you can probably tell from the questions, we like to link to pages that work reasonably well.

* * *

The Basics
  1. Your Name (or Online Alias):
  2. Your Website's URL (so we can review the site):
  3. Your Website's Title (what you call it):
  4. Your Contact E-mail (so we can reach you):
  5. AOL Instant Messenger Account (optional. We don't use other chat programs. Sorry):

Time to Tell Us About Your Site

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. What is your target age group?
  3. What kind of site is it? (anime, informational, art, writings, etc. If it's more than one kind, list them)
  4. Is there objectionable content on your site? (objectionable content would be stuff your mother wouldn't want you to see on the Internet)


  1. Does your site have a reasonable amount of content? *
  2. Is your site image-intensive? (are there a lot of pictures)
  3. Is your site easily navigable; can you find things easily? (test it yourself online if you have to)
  4. Is your site 800x600 resolution friendly? (Anki and I both run our computers at 800x600 resolution. Make sure your site isn't cut off at the ends at this resolution)
  5. Does the site's background make it difficult to see text, links, etc.?
  6. Does the site's decor (the images, colors, etc.) fit the content?
  7. Are the pages too long, or take too long to load? (too much text, too many images)
  8. Are you using artwork and/or graphics copyrighted to another artist without their permission? Are you ready to show proof of permission should the question arise?
  9. Does your site require cookies, javascript, flash, etc., and is it set up for those without it?
  10. Does your page use fancy (often annoying) HTML, such as blinking and scrolling text, page transitions, pop-up and hidden menus, images that follow the cursor, etc.?
  11. Does your site have too many broken images/404 errors? **

The Little Things

  1. Does your site have a banner for us to link with? ***
  2. What does your site have in relation to (be as thorough as you like)
  3. Why do you think we should affiliate with you? (again, be as thorough as you like)

Before You Ask

Last Note

If you are accepted to affiliate with us, you are required to link to us on your own page, as well as inform us if your site is changing URLs so we can keep our links updated. If your site is taken down, or moves and leaves no redirect, we will remove the link. Also, if you remove the link to us from your site, we will remove the link to you at our discretion. As always, is link-free, which means you can link to us at any time with no obligation.

*     "Does your site have a reasonable amount of content?" - What this means, basically, is, "is your site just a front page, or do you actually have relevant information on your site?" We don't link to pages that are just an updates page, or just a page with a link to a forum and a "coming soon!" sign. I am quite aware that is missing a fair share of content, but you must realize that that is in the main, shared section. Anki and I are constantly working on our individual sites as well, reachable through the hub links on the main page. Once I get some free time, I will be working on the design for the collaboration and reviews sections of However, since you are asking us to affiliate you, and not the other way around, you are subject to our requirements (it's already assumed we meet yours, since you're asking us).
**     "Does your site have too many broken images/404 errors?" - Frankly put, a site with too many broken images and missing files (404 errors) is quite unattractive. Whether the files are missing because you haven't uploaded them yet, or because you mistyped the link or changed some code, these should be fixed before affiliating. Later updates are understandable, but at the time of application, we'd prefer if more than half of your site is in some reasonable working order and presentable format. Yes, I know, our main site has a small handful of 404 errors, but I remind you again, is only the shared section. It links to our individual sites as well, which can technically be considered part of The 404 pages exist as a placemarker for shared content to be uploaded in the future (when I'm not so busy with other things). Please be sure to check your site for workability before asking to affiliate.
***     "Does your site have a banner for us to link with?" - No, linking banners are not required. They would be nice, attractive even, especially if you're submitting an artwork or webcomic/manga site for affiliation, but we can do text links just as easily if you don't have anything. If you do decide to design linking banners for yourself, it's helpful if you stick to some of the basic banner/button sizes. These are 468x60 (those long ones you usually see at the top or bottom of a page), 200x40 (standard for most art sites and webmangas, it seems), and 88x33 (the small buttons). The two smaller sizes are preferred for affiliation.

* * *

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