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collaboration with Anki

Ayana Tionos - excerpt: Dragon and Falcon - A development scene for my first real blind character (not counting the one in the rather juvenile fiction I wrote in middle school).
Tey Cios and Avra Keilenn - excerpt: Blood-Bound - The scene where Avra (my dragon character) meets Tey (Anki's dragon charcter) for the first time.
Tey and Avra - excerpt: Blood-Bound - Another Tey and Avra scene. This time, it's set in an inn. This one was written in collaboration with Anki.
Tey and Avra - excerpt: Blood-Bound - A short, fun scene written to go with a drawing I did. This is Tey attempting to teach Avra how to read.
Arel Keilenn and Erielle ra'sar Stormhaven - excerpt: Soul-Bound - The scene where Arel (a dragon) and Erielle (a dragonslayer) work together (shock!)
Tey and Avra - excerpt: Ties of Blood and Honor - Short scene, including Tey's and Avra's first three children.
Gaire Ahchen and Ariyanae Kithshold - excerpt: Bound - Scene showing the first time Gaire met Ariyanae, when she was only 12.
Gaire's fight with Kail - excerpt: Bound - And the reason Gaire was near Ariyanae's home in the first place.
Churr Ahchen and Kail Valeshyan - exerpt: Bound - Two scenes featuring Churr and Kail, a pair of saldar-bound dragons.
Churr and Kail - excerpt: Bound - A big scene with Kail and Churr.
Churr and Kail - excerpt: Bound - Another Churr and Kail scene, though this one also includes Kyra Ahchen and Davaon Tionos (who's a personal favorite of mine).
Corwin Ahchen and Kaiyah Cios - excerpt: Legacy - A scene with Corwin and Kaiyah.

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creative writing snippets

Excerpt: The Sword of Shelim - A snippet from a story told first person POV from the POV of a dragon. The main character, fighter Sigourney Bluepyre, has just been attacked and knocked out of the sky.
Excerpt: Vows of Magic I: To Wield and Obey - A snippet from the first story in a trilogy. Salen, a warrior woman masquerading as a man, and Kyle, a mercenary captain, are searching for an old seer.
Prologue: Serpent-Born - The (unfinished) prologue to a story about a magical world.
Altered Excerpt: Dragonstone and Heartstone - An altered excerpt from my Dragonstone and Heartstone stories. The novels are told in first person POV, while this short bit is told in third person POV.
Excerpt: Dragon's Day, Wizard's Night - A short excerpt about the Dragonqueen Alenith.

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prose and essays

Assignment: Humanities 101 - I had to rewrite the balcony scene of Romeo and Juliet. This is the result.
Assignment: AP English Lang and Comp - I had to write a description piece. I like how this one came out.
Assignment: Creative Writing - We each had to pick one of five shapes the teacher drew on the board and write a story centered around it. I chose the long, thin, upright rectangle.
Assignment: English 115 - We had to do a full-blown research paper. I did mine on how fairy tales change.

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poetry and song lyrics

"Ugly Duckling" - poem - Published in my high school's literary magazine.
"The Prisoner" - poem - Published in my high school's literary magazine.
"Persistence" - poem - Inspired by a robin smacking his head on my bedroom window for six weeks straight.
"Unmarked Grave" - poem - Written as part of an assignment, when I was writing a multi-genre reasearch paper on an ancestor of mine who was a pioneer crossing the plains.
"Requiem" - song lyrics - Written to go along with a fantasy short story (that needs major revision). Has no music yet. If you feel ambitious enough to compose something for this, email me.
"Drum's Song" - song lyrics - Random song I wrote a few years ago. I still need to jot down the music to it.
"Where You Are" - song lyrics - Random song I wrote a few years ago.

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