Fantasy worldbuilding can often be difficult. One of the best ways to work is to let your own imagination guide you through the construction, but don't forget to include rules to the organization of your world. Otherwise, chaos will reign. Have you ever played a game without rules? It doesn't work very well. Neither does a world without rules. Rules set us free, rather than hinder us.

One of the first steps is do decide how fantastic, or which subgenre of fantasy, your world is going to be. Is it going to have a medieval cast to it? Is it prehistoric? From colonization times? Modern fantasy? How about fairy-tale style? The subgenre you choose has an effect on the creation of your world. It is not always a distinct effect either. It does affect how the reader approaches your world, however.

Here are a few basic subgenres, and what to expect from each:

There are others, but I'll try to make the worldbuilding pages general so you can modify them to the world type you want to do. As a note right now, I'm most likely going to be focusing on Fairy-Tale Fantasy, because the other world types can fit into the creation of that. There will simply be parts you can eliminate depending on the type you want to do. If you need help with something I don't cover in these pages, e-mail me at to add it to my pages.

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