Shadowscapes is based off of my webmanga by the same name. Information will be updated sporadically.

The world has been relatively calm since King Rademus, the Godson, defeated the Archdevil Thekkis and drove out the truedemons from his realm. For three centuries since, the Sun Kingdom has been at peace.

...Until now.

Dark raiders, called the Shadow Riders, have begun to invade the Sun Kingdom. Their armies are tens of thousands strong, and only a few small villages stand against them. The realm is in danger. Only a few can save it, and the world, from a conflict that has involved even the gods.

This game is based off of my webmanga ( of the same name, though it's altered a bit to fit the RPG format. There are eight playable characters near the start of the game, with more later on. You control members of the Shadow Company, who are sent by the Sun King on a special mission to help save the realm from the Shadow Riders. Since there are at least eight available playable characters, I'm aiming for some replay action here. Kinda' like having six to eight characters in a Final Fantasy game to work with, only earlier in the game.

Game Features (some of these still only in the planning stages):
- Warning you now that I'm most likely sticking to DBS, with animations to make it more interesting.
- CMS once I figure out how I want it.
- Custom artwork, main character charsets, and music (once my roommate finds time to compose it). Artwork is for things like the title and game over screens, monsters, character bios, facesets, etc.
- Innate and learned magic - innate spells gained by leveling up, learned spells gained by finding books, teacher, etc.
- Large (and I mean large) world map, with more game areas (like a Final Fantasy map, I guess).
- Summon creatures for at least one playable character (summon mage type) - gained by talking to or fighting the summoned creature (or sometimes something else).
- Ongoing side quests and a few fun minigames (once I come up with some ^_^;; ).

Races in Shadowscapes:
For general reference... ^_^ :
- human - duh.
- youkai - Japanese-type demons. They're more supernatural creatures than actual demons. Youkai can be almost any type imaginable (usually elemental or animal, though there are other types as well).
- iori - angel-kin. They sprout wings from their back, like Draconians in Escaflowne.
- elves - traditional elves. Fair-haired and fair-skinned, with some rare exceptions.
- barbarians - big people. Live in the mountains.
- dwarves - little people. Live in the colder regions, usually.
- wraith - ghostlike race, difficult to kill. Rarely seen.
- truedemons - demons as the Western world views them. Evil to the core, reviled and hunted by every other race.


Believe it or not, this is my first game ever with any type of game programmer. ^_^ I'm a busy college student, so I don't have all the free time in the world to devote to this. It's more of a fun side-venture for me. Rest assured, though, that I do not intend to abandon this one, even if I ever end up with a copy of RM2K3 or something even better. I started this and darnit! I'm going to finish it.

- Artwork, characters, story, and concept ŠA.Holyoak
- Music (once I have it) ŠAnki Larsen
- Charsets, chipsets, etc. Š their original creators

The brand new custom title screen for Shadowscapes, drawn and colored by me. Colors look slightly better in-game. This screencap is a .gif that didn't want to cooperate.
Demonstrating one of my savepoints for the game. I wanted an FF9 moogle-type approach, so I used mouse-youkai from my world. Give me enough time and I'll have it worked out so that you summon one on the world map when you want to save there.
Showing here a tiny bit of game progression (getting into the first major plot sequence (after the two or so cutscenes in Tenris itself), as well as a bit of the system graphic style.
And here we have the worldmap, custom-made by me with rips from some of the worldsets I liked more. It also shows you the the position tracking map I made for the worldmap. I told you it was a big world. And when I say that the crown city will be a big map to code, I mean it too. That's Crown City that the "hero party" is standing just to the west of.
The Inn at Tenris (healer's city). Look at the group getting drunk at that one table. It's four members of the RM2K default party (including the infamous Alex)!