Here we have artwork of the manga characters, as they appear at some point or other in the manga itself. This includes concept sketches and preliminary work, and some costume and concept sneak peeks. Thumbnails are sorted by medium. Thumbnails with thick borders are newer pieces.

Notebook and Pen

First concept sketch of Lieya from Summer 2002. Her original design gave her lots of tattoos, rather than the markings she does now, and paler skin. Her costume stayed the same, though.
Original concepts: Kasseilia, Sheirah, Tanan, Rriha
Again, from Summer 2002, these are the original designs of Kasseilia, Sheirah, Tanan, and Rriha. Tanan and Rrhia were inspired by Escaflowne (which I had just finished watching), and Sheirah was inspired by Gensomaden Saiyuki. I like the new designs of all of them better.
Concept of lieya young
Young Lieya, about age seven to ten, when she's rescued from the slavers by Tanan. Yes, she was still wearing the costume-of-bits-tied-together back then.
First rework of Rriha's concept
This is the phase Rriha went through between the Merle-lookalike and her current design. She eventually decided she wanted fewer stripes and more clothes, and doesn't look quite as mature as this anymore.
Lieya concepts: current style
Here are some pen doodles of Lieya's current costume, though the markings are a bit different than they are now.
Dathyn concept
Concept of Dathyn. Not much more to say about him until you meet him in the manga.
Young concepts
Doodles of Lieya, Adra, Dathyn, Issar, and Ysan as children. Don't worry if you don't know who half of them are. You'll find out eventually. This picture was just too cute not to post.
Rifa concept
I wanted to show off this doodle. It's Rifa, a character you'll meet later. And yes, I know she's wearing semi-modern clothing. It's what her race of youkai wear.
Daryan concept sketch
Concept doodle of Daryan's appearance before he actually showed up in the manga. This picture features him with a different weapon than the large halberd-like thing he uses to fight Kasseilia and Cloak.
Chibi Lord Chaos doodle
Chibi doodle of Lord Chaos, one of Delesaan's thirteen gods. Chaos is the god of, duh, chaos and disorder, and is patron diety over the element of Metal. With the exception of his hair, his half-mask, and his staff, his appearance changes at whim.

Pencil Concepts and Sketches

Fate: titlepage concept
Original concept of the Lord of Fate, the Eldest God of the thirteen gods of Delesaan. Fate's truename is Deleian, which is where the name of the world (Delesaan) comes from. He looks different now. He's the older brother to the Elder Gods and the father of the Younger Gods (information on this will be up eventually in the Info section).
First cover concept
First cover design, featuring some of the gods, Lieya, Kass, Issar, and Tanan. Kass, Lieya, and Tanan have stayed mostly the same in appearance, with some alterations, but Issar definitely looks different now. As do the gods pictured in the background.
Second cover concept
Second cover design, featuring a group shot of the main eight characters instead of four and some dieties. This one got replaced too, by Accolyte.
Lieya concept sketches
Concept sketches of Lieya, included as one of the bonuses this summer. They show off features of her newest design, and a general look at her primary weapon (once she gets one beyond her claws).
Caerd in sorceror's regalia
Drawing of Caerd to be used as a chapter frontspiece, but may or may not make it now. "Fiery Will" goes with "Spirit Dancer," "Healing Soul," and "Noble Heart," the latter two displayed below.
Dryad summon for layout
The Dryad summon, for a site layout for the main Garden. She's a summon for the element of Wood.
Zephyr summon for layout
It may be a bit difficult to figure out what gender this summon is, but I guarantee you it's a "he." This is Zephyr, Kaethu's wind summon, and was drawn for the Manga hub layout. Not sure when it'll get colored, since I've got other layouts to do before I hit that one.

Pencil Renders and Computer Coloring

Chibis version1
Chibi drawings of Lieya and Rriha while I was still working out their designs and how to draw chibis. I've gotten better.
Fineart version of Rriha
Rriha's design has changed a bit since this drawing, but not by too much. She's cute, and probably one of the most modest catgirls you'll find anywhere.
Shadowscapes RPG Title Screen
Drawn and colored for the RM2K game I'm making for the manga, to work as a title screen image, this picture is also available as a wallpaper in the Downloads section. I really like how it came out.
Second Cover in color
Colored version of the second cover design. It's not bad, but it's not the greatest either. Accolyte works better.
Chibi Lieya colored
Originally done as an apology piece for not having one of the pages up sooner, this chibi Lieya was drawn on sketchpad paper, inked with gel pen, and colored with Crayola colored pencils. She's cute. This would be her most recent design.
Chibi Kristoff colored
Put up as another apology, this super-deformed Kristoff was pulled from one of the manga pages and colored instead of toned. My friend Pam remarked that he's cute. ^_^
Wargh for Shadowscapes RPG
This wargh was drawn and colored for use as a monster graphic in my Shadowscapes RM2K game. If it weren't for that, I'd label it Ugly and hide it where the sun don't shine.
Daryan for Shadowscapes RPG
Also drawn and colored for use as a monster graphic for the RM2K game, this one came out better than I'd thought. Even if I did get a bit lazy (and flat) with the hair and tail. You really have to wonder how he keeps from cutting himself on that weapon of his.
Angsting Issar
Issar, in civillian clothing, sketched at Anime Expo 2003 to show a friend how I draw. Feel the angst.
Seraph summon for layout
Seraph, summon of the element Life (same summoner as Dryad), drawn and colored for the new layout design for Summoner's Dreams. This was a big project.
Lieya - Spirit-Dancer
The original chapter one frontspiece, which has now been replaced with something a bit shinier (literally).
Tanan - Healing Soul
"Healing Soul," the chapter two frontspiece that may or may not be used now. I'm thinking of redesigning the frontspieces. At least changing the picture and coloring (since the Spirit Dancer one for chapter one looks so flat and grey now). This one has Tanan with his wings out.
Kasseilia - Noble Heart
"Noble Heart," the chapter three fronstpiece. Kasseilia has a fancy, shiny kimono-thingy.
Chibi Dairn
This guy is one of the bad guys of the manga, though you haven't met him yet. It may take a while, depending.
Dryad Summon in Color
Here is the completed version of Dryad, done in lots of nice emerald greens. This piece includes the newest rendering of the Shadowscapes title.

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