Dreams of an Angel - Author Notes

I wrote this for the first assignment I had in the science-fiction class I took my senior year of high school. We had to write a story about overpopulation. I will be the first to admit that I am heavily influenced by the writings of favorite authors, and even moreso in science-fiction, which is not the genre I prefer to write in.

To that end, I drew fairly heavily in concept work from Anne McCaffrey and H.M. Hoover, both authors I enjoy reading. Hopefully this doesn't show too much, but I'm not about to lay any bets on that. The writing is definitely in my voice, and my need for both romance and mystical/magical occurences shows up in the writing as well.

I have definitely written better things. I doubt this would ever be publishable, even if I were to rewrite it and rework it. So I'm not even going to try. It was a fun, cute little story, and it served its purpose.

"Dreams of an Angel" copyright 1999 Heather Larsen.

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