Sevien ral Astra   Name: Sevien ral Astra
Age: 25
Race: half-elf
Occupation: sorcerer
Weapon(s) of Choice: crossbow, spear
Basic Physical:
hair: light gold-brown, shaggy/short
eyes: green-grey
skin: fair
height: 5'6"

Distinctive Traits: None at the present time.

Personality: Gentlemanly, if a bit unpredictable at times. Somewhat absent-minded if he's engrossed in something. He has a diplomatic, tactful side that comes in handy when getting out of trouble.

Past: Had a fairly normal childhood. His mother was the full elf in the family; his father is human. Sevien's mother died of a mysterious fever when he was about sixteen or so, and he's rather bitter about it. He doesn't trust clerics because they were unable (or unwilling) to save his mother's life. He blames them for her death. He no longer lives with his father and sister, but he does visit them fairly often. Sevien lives in cities most of the time, but he also travels fairly frequently.

Family and Friends: Mother (deceased), father, and sister. His best friend is Kenner Thorngage, although they're constantly getting into arguments.

Appearances: Immortal Silver (roleplaying campaign)

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